Animals-Real & Otherwise

Eesha the Elephant

Eesha Elephant is a true size of, and modelled on, a young adult African Forest Elephant. She  is a massive 2.6m tall and 3.5m long. Her curling pointing trunk extends 1.5m from her body and playfully engages with people. Ellie flaps around her giant ears to help her stay cool and can wag her tail all controlled by 2 puppeteers, as is her head movement. Eesha Elephant can appear in her natural glory or as a festive elephant, wearing a richly decorated elephant blanket with plenty of tassels on her tusks and legs. Eesha is accompanied by a stilt walking chaperone who provides the verbal interface for the act. Select from a vintage Zoo Keeper chaperone or a glamorous Circus Performer. Due to Elesha's sheer size we request that some venues may need to supply an additional minder to follow the act and direct patrons up to the front of Eesha where they can interact with Eesha and her chaperone.