Animals-Real & Otherwise

Bo Peep & the Technicoloured Dream Bear

For roving entertainment that embraces a fantasy, festive, ecological or winter wonderland theme, this act will blow you away! Our Technicoloured Dream Bear is a vision to behold! An amazing 320cm long and 200cm tall, the Dream Bear is a fusion of colour and vibrancy. He ambles along while his comically engaging chaperone entertains the crowd. A psychedelic spectacle for day time performances, this act is even more breath-taking at night when the Technicoloured Dream Bear illuminates to give an iridescent glow. The size and multi-colours of the Dream Bear astounds people while his chaperone keeps them entertained. Together they create a bright air of festivity.

The Technicoloured Dream Bear's chaperone provides the verbal engagement for this very visual act. Their dialogue can be based around a theme of your choice. All our performers are highly experienced in comedy improvisation and are very interactive with audiences of all ages. The chaperone can be themed to a 'Circus Ring Master' or a 'Fantasy Lil Bo Peep'. Their costumes are impressive and these characters are also available as stilt walking acts to accompany the Dream Bear.