Animals-Real & Otherwise

Emu Nomads

Roving resplendently on their giant Emu companions, this exotic duo will delight you with songs, stories and
music collected on their travels.

Circus Dogs

A classic act with the cutest, cleverest poodles as its stars. This high energy, action packed comedy show is the only one of its kind in Australia. Kids love these hilarious hounds and adults will appreciate the highly skilled magnificent mutts. These dishlickers are with out doubt the most talented in Australia. They would at home in any of the big Circuses of the world. Not your average Fleabags!!!

Diamonte Mini Circus


Utilising the talents of several adorable mutts in a show from yesteryear, mother and daughter team, Audrey and Pamela present a classic old time dog show with vaudevillian style clowning rarely scene today.

Animals On The Move

Children will then get a chance to touch, feed and see the animals in an interactive environment and a talk can also be given about the features of each animal and their use in our society.
Farm animals on display include:
Calf, lambs, goats, piglets, chickens, rooster and hens, duck, ducklings, goose, turkey, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Ape Man

The captivating Ape Man engenders lots of laughter and quizzical enquiries. The gorilla?s revenge on the hapless explorer/hunter has all members of the animal kingdom in stitches.