Musical Street Theatre

Rob Severni – Duos & Trios of many Persuasions

Wonderfully skilled, fun loving musicians who love to costume up. The pictures speak for themselves and there’s barely a theme they can’t meet.


The Flirting Mazurkas

The Flirting Mazurkas is a versatile troupe based on the skills and charms of four of Melbourne’s  busiest musicians who can perform as a four piece, trio or duo. They play their favourite and most requested songs and tunes, from years of experience playing at weddings, parties and restaurants. The gorgeous Jen Hawley sings and plays guitar, the debonair Phil Carroll plays accordion, piano, flute and sings backing vocals, the passionate Ernie Gruner plays fiddle and mandolin and the dashing David Krycer plays double bass and sings. They feature favourites and oddities in the style of European café music including Jazz, Gypsy, Klezmer, French, Latin, Italian, Tango and more.



Jugularity's brand of madcap musical comedy successfully combines skilled, inspiring musicianship with comedy cabaret. Jugularity includes lively, upbeat, eclectic versions of jazz, folk, blues, rap, country, gypsy and other styles of songs they've written, borrowed or parodied.

The Gramophonie Brothers

With sing-a-long favourites from across the years this versatile duo murders the classics and entertains you with comedy, vocal and instrumental harmonies.

Gypsy Nights


 Gypsy, jazz, continental and light classical music played on piano accordion and fiddle. Highly skilled and colourfully costumed these musicians have world class credentials and are an uplifting addition to any event in either a stage or roving capacity.