Mimes, Statues, Robotics

Tubby The Robot


Tubby the Robot - Solo

Visually spectacular and delightfully intimate at once, the original Tubby the Robot attracts loads of attention wherever he goes. The way Tubby talks and interacts with the audience really sets him apart from other character acts. This option is great for mid-sized sites or localised events such as launches, promotions and novelty stage presentations.


Tubby goes Shopping

Tubby is on a shopping mission, on the look out for a bargain: a special price on some mixed nuts (and bolts) or a shiny new toaster for breakfast, “yummm...”. Perfect for shopping centres, this option can be themed for promotions, Christmas and other seasonal events.


Tubby on board his Electro-Scooter

Huge impact! Tubby’s twice the size on board his Electro-Scooter and has a massive range suitable for the largest venues. His mission: “To boldly go where no robot has gone before...” The Electro-Scooter works indoors and outdoors on grass and paved surfaces. Tubby hops on and off regularly to meet the audience.

Tubby & Flapper the Fish

Tubby takes his pet fish “Flapper” for a walk. Tricky, coz fish don’t have legs! So Flapper travels in a water-filled fish mongers trolley. Tubby pulls him out regularly, flapping and splashing, so that everyone can meet him and give him a pat. Flapper is a groundbreaking animatronic puppet - waterproof, wireless and very friendly. Available ‘dry’ for indoors or ‘wet’ for outdoors.


Tubby & L’il Tub (Baby in Pram)

Tubby’s out for a walk with his baby, “L’il Tub”, who rides in a restored 1960’s nanny’s pram. The pair had better find a Robot Recharging Centre before L’il Tub goes flat! This option includes a discrete puppeteer who controls L’il Tub’s movements and sounds. Great for kids and family events.






Cyber Girl - Sam Starr


Roving Robotics, Mime & Statue
Sam is truly unique with great roving skills and a fabulous techno costume coupled with endearing robotic charm.

Albert Stone


With a costume that looks like concrete it’s very hard to tell if you’re looking at man or statue. Incorporating mime and humour, Anthony Verity is a unique act.

Bronze Lady


Kyra Smith looks like an 18th century statue, bronzed from head to foot. The best of mime and statue work.

Rod Lara - Mime Artist including Charlie Chaplin


Rod Lara is a first class mime. Skilled and experienced. Bringing this delightfully silent character elements of clown and perhaps a few dancing sequences. The Mime will astonish the audience with his hilarious antics and, most often, breakdancing skills. Rod also performs the classic Charlie Chaplin character The Little Tramp epitomising physical comedy and grace.