Crazy Daisy


A gorgeous looking, young clown with an array of skills including magic, juggling, plate spinning, hula hooping and balloon modeling. Vibrant and interactive Daisy is one of Melbourne's cutest looking and highly skilled clowning characters offering shows, roving entertainment and circus skills workshops.

Sammy Hoop Star (hula hoops)

As hula hooping takes the world by storm, come and join Sammy Hoop Starr in a dynamic and inspiring
whirl of entertainment. In a half hour show that demonstrates the art of hula hooping which will have your head in a spin, Sammy also incorporates other circus skills including magic, juggling and plate spinning.

Coco Cabana

Coco Cabana is a hula hooping Carmen Miranda character who is a delightful
mixture of Latin passion and Australian culture. In fruity attire she plays
maracas and ukelele while spinning the hoops and loves to involve her audience.

Anna Lumb


Anna Lumb is a Melbourne based artist and performer specialising in Adagio (duo acrobatics), Trapeze, Hula Hoops and Fire. Formerly trained in gymnastics and dance she has over seven years performance experience including working with world renown Strange Fruit (Performance Company) and touring and performing in Europe, America, Mexico, Canada, UK, Middle East, Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia.

H is for Hoop-Hop - Hayley Murphy

‘H is for Hoop-Hop’ is a show for pre schoolers designed by Hayley Murphy who is an experienced, young and fresh performer heralding from the Bam Bam Circus.

The show is broken up into 3 segments:

* Circus act by "Hoopy Hayley" – incredible hula hooping feats with comic overtones and performed to music

* Interactive dancing – where the children get to join in

* Hoop play – she has small hoops and rainbow ribbons that are suitable for pre-school age. She teaches them simple and fun tricks that are creative and theatrical.