Musical Street Theatre

The Grand Tourists

Starring Sir Reginald Bothersby-Smythe on moustache and double bass and Sue Arnold as Lady Phillupa-Bucket  on ukulele and knee cymbals. they are nutty, eccentric 19th
century  travellers taking in all the sights on the Grand Tour. Whilst in the antipodes they will astound you with their tall travel tales and extraordinary music gathered from all over the pop/rock universe.

21st Century Waiters

Sax and accordion with all the romance of a Paris cafe and with all the passion of an Argentine tango. Swinging through the streets of New Orleans, working up a sweat on Polka that only beer will quench. Sax and accordion for fanfares at midday, lullabies at sunset and waltzes til dawn.

The Right Brothers

The Right Brothers look Snazzy and play Jazzy and their mission is to combine Music Theatre and Comedy to create extraordinary entertainment. Not a hair out of place in their custom tailored continental suits, the Right Brothers are in a league of their own, with music to match. Great music, Bright personalities and funky suits!

Tierra Dulce



Tierra Dulce as a Duo provides music to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Their repertoire includes Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Jewish and Gypsy songs, through to colourful, vibrant, South American and Mexican songs and dances. Working as a Trio they add a Latin Percussionist. The band also functions as an authentic Latin dance band.

The Ukulele Ladies


Devoted to humming and strumming and wearing gorgeous floral frocks, the Ukulele Ladies combine music, theatre, dance, visual comedy and character interaction.