Circus Clowns and Roving Entertainment

Justin Sane - Contemporary Clown


A multiskilled, circus based performer who is one of best of the contemporary clowns.  Young, vibrant and highly skilled

Dr Decibel


Dr Decibel is a deaf acrobat/street performer offering shows or roving entertainment. She roves conducting hearing tests combined with spontaneous hula hooping and lots of comic interaction.

Chester The Jester


Chester the Jester is a multiskilled performer of juggling, magic, music, balloonology, puppetry, stiltwalking and fire. Great for general roving entertainment or a themed event.

Three Little Pigs with A Twist


A classic fractured fairy tale introduced by a monkey and a song. The audience helps to direct the play through lots of opportunity for verbal interaction. Is the wolf such a bad guy after all? Ralph Baker’s skill is undisputed and his gentle rapport with his audience is endearing. He has cleverly reworked the traditional fairy tale of the Three Little Pigs so that the audience is seeing the ‘other side of the wolf’ and he actively involves his audience throughout the performance in this, his solo undertaking.

Squeek the Clown


Squeek is a multiskilled circus based performer combining clowning with juggling of numerous objects, magic, balloons, diablo and ukulele. Squeek is aptly named after his funny voice and is a friendly, interactive and highly skilled clowning character.