Circus Clowns and Roving Entertainment

Mojo The Clown



A most likeable clown who’s major skills include magic, song and balloonology. A great kids entertainer.

Tim Tim (Stilts,Balloons,Bubbles,Fire)

Tim Tim


Tim Tim is a multi skilled performer a contemporary clown, stiltwalker, balloonologist, & fire buff. Shows or roving entertainment suitable all ages.

Ron The Clown

A contemporary clown performing magic, juggling, unicycle and balloon modeling with both skill and pizzazz. Children’s and adult shows.

Toggles The Clown



In traditional white silk with black trim Toggles is a cheeky, unicycling, juggling and tumbling clown.

Zing Kids



Watch Captain Ace and Fairy Blossom try to save Springtime from the Baddies and
end up getting themselves in a serious pickle. Will they escape and save the
world from a never-ending winter using true bravery and magic?


Pirate Captain Chippy and Mermaid Jade have an amazing double act perfect for underwater or magical themes. Captain Chippy is a very silly pirate who likes to play tricks on Mermaid Jade. This show is about the value of friendship.

Pickles and Snowpea. These clowns are the silliest, most whimsy clowns in all of clownland. This show is full of magic and highly visual comedy routines, juggling and other tricks to entertain young and old.

King Tonky and Princess Peace watch over Magicland to make sure everyone is happy and peaceful. Your guests will giggle and squeal watching Tonky and Peace play tricks on each other whilst trying to perform magic - the silliest royalty you have ever seen!

Melva the Witch and Wizard Silvernose absolutely LOVE magic. They study together at magic school and want to show the children what they have been learning. However things don't go quite as they had planned, and they will need the help of the birthday star and all their guests to wiggle their magical fingers and make their magic work!