Tall Poppies

Adding pep to your step and zing to our swing The Tall Poppies play jazz, Latin and gypsy served with a bit of country and some good old time tunes … all with a touch of circus.


Musical Stilt Duo or Trio

Gorgeous glitter balls of glam ready to delight the ear and the eye with their magical, musical mayhem. These sassy stilt walkers will both stun and amaze with comic routines, circus skills and musical virtuosity.

Public Mischief

Blooming Lovely

Brilliant in springtime and perfect for horticultural festivals and garden shows, this stilt-walking duo is inspired by the European daffodil and the Australian golden wattle.

Country Fair

In dazzling red and white, Country Fair stilt walkers celebrate the best of country life! With a basket of goodies and sandwiches stacked high, Country Fair provides a sense of fun, whilst rejoicing.


In gorgeous pink and sparkling white, two brides on stilts embrace the spectacle and romance of a traditional wedding. Break the ice and open a bottle of champagne with us at your next celebration, special function, or bridal expo.


Merry mayhem on stilts. Lively, playful and curious, these fools are great roving characters for festivals and events.  Ketchup and Mustard are simple souls and life is a big mystery to them.

The Ballerinas



Standing 8 foot tall these stilt ballerinas are a cute roving entertainment act perfect for many occasions. Wether it's a family event, festival, corporate event or fair the stilt ballerinas are captivating and cute! The costumes are made from exquisite sequins with sparkling and eye catching details, the makeup and wigs inspired by black swan and the pointe shoes perfect as the ballerinas dance their way in perfect synchronicity through the crowd. Available as solo or duo.


China Dolls

Exquisite, elegant and highly visual depictions of traditional Chinese