June the Stiltwalker


Mandy Pickett as June the huge woman in a golden ball gown or the spidery Sassy Space, Mandy presents hilarious improvisation for all ages. An incredibly energetic and agile performer.

The Jolly Giants

9 feet tall & 5 feet wide in inflatable suits these big boys stand head & shoulders above the crowd. They look hilarious and are operated by experienced and skilful entertainers. Also available as Fat Elvis’s, Fat Babies & Fat Santa’s.

High Society

Gloriously dressed and visually stunning, this couple are at home in the finest of company.


The Big Boppa


Either a musical stiltwalking character from the 1950’s world of music, a typical Aussie character or a singing cowboy, the performance is highly visual coupled with skilled guitar and great vocals.

Tall Tex

The Tallest Singing Cowboy South Of Tamworth

Standing nearly 9 foot tall,this whip crackin, guitar pickin cowboy is certain to make a BIG impression at any event. Tex has a unique identity and costume to fit. You’ll here lots of cowdy songs from the classics Rawhide, Ghost Riders and Cool Water to some rather funny country flavoured 60’s classics.