Stretch The Clown

Stretch will entertain you with her juggling skills, balloon-animal making prowess, colourful ribbons and cheeky banter! An interactive character that’s fun for young and old alike. Oh, and she has REALLY long legs!




Pierre is French (you can tell by his accent), and a suave, debonair one at that. He is a puppeteer by trade, but sacre bleu! He has lost his puppet!

The Showgirls On Stilts

Victoria Secret Inspired Showgirls



Gorgeous, colourful and playful, these Showgirls have the longest legs in town and big personalities to match. Choose out of several looks. There are solo, duo, trio and 4 piece Showgirls available.

The Pink Showgirl

Mystic Topaz Showgirls


Super Heroes



China Dolls And Matching Showgirls


Showgirls That Rock



Multi Coloured Showgirls