The Long Stems

Larger than life Fuschias and Birds of Paradise Flowers, superbly constructed and delightful executed by skilled and experienced stilt walkers.

Carnivale Duo


Carmen Miranda style male and female duo whose Latin moves will add tropical splendor to any occasion. Performed by 2 of Melbourne’s most vibrant stiltwalkers.

Sky Mantis

Two beautifully costumed stiltwalkers and one ground performer play celestial messengers come to Earth fully equipped with funky bubble guns, celestial sounds and cosmic roving antics.

Divas Of The Deep

Solo or Duo

A duo consisting of one stiltwalker and one ground performer who combine to convey the spirit and mystery of the ocean’s depths. Beautifully elegant in floating blue costumes.

Shorty the Jock


Don't let the size fool you, this guy is all skin and bones under those clothes. It's not the size but the weight, and he does have very small feet. Rumor has it that he's riding the long shot!!